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The West Liberty Buy Local Campaign is an initiative to create awareness with the community to help residents better understand how “Buying Locally” directly impacts not only the businesses within the community but also the community member themselves. By supporting local businesses, it creates revenue within our community that those same businesses in turn use to sponsor school and community events. It generates tax dollars that stay within our community and it keeps the businesses that provide goods we consume and love able to continue to do so. This campaign will help shed light on all of the goods and services that are provided right here in our town that often get overlooked or taken for granted.

  1. The Board of Directors Buy Local Committee: Amber Cardona, Jens Zalzala and Ed Moreno.
  2. A Buy Local Member Spotlight will appear twice a month in the Index.
  3. New Window Cling decals will be created.
  4. Flyers educating consumers and encouraging local shopping will be created and distributed.
  5. Website will be updated to make it easier to find local shops and services.